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Norman Lamb, King’s Fund – Integration

September 11, 2012

Transforming Local Services
A reshuffle is a strange thing.

I’ve followed the health reforms pretty closely so I’m relatively up to speed.

But often, new ministers find themselves in departments where they know only the bare bones of the policy. And they’re expected to turn themselves into experts overnight.

I’ve been an MP long enough to hear my fair share of new ministers read out speeches in the Commons and clearly have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. The crueller members of the opposition can sometimes make it a bit of a trial for them.

But the machinations of government can’t just creak to a halt as the new people find their way around. So new ministers rely on ever-present civil servants to guide them. They rely on ministers who haven’t been reshuffled to keep a hand on the tiller. And they rely on their fellow new ministers to be conscientious, decisive and creative about their own parts of the portfolio.

GPs ‘too expensive’ to run health authorities

Bureaucrats will still run local health authorities, despite Government plans to put clinicians in charge, according to GPs who say the money is not there to pay enough doctors to run them.

By , Medical Correspondent

6:30AM BST 18 Jul 2012

One of Andrew Lansley’s first announcements as Health Secretary was to say England’s 152 primary care trusts (PCTs) would be abolished, to be replaced by groups led by GPs.

The idea – largely approved of by medics – is that doctors will make better decisions about organising local health services for their patients than managers.