There’s a lot more to caring than knowing
There’s a lot more to caring than saying
There’s a lot more to caring than thinking
You can ‘know’ you care
Think you care
Convince yourself you care, even think that you genuinely care
But that really isn’t fair
If your actions don’t match
The attitude of caring
The attitude of loving
It’s more

It’s more than those who love you
More than those who care for you
It’s the ones who don’t
It’s the ones you don’t know
It’s those, it’s them, they need you most
You can’t just walk away
Caring is more than something you can think about
You can’t be compassionate and ignore a need
You can’t fulfill every need
Where is compassion?

Where is caring?
If it’s so much more, what is it that we have?
Is it worth trying?
Won’t you fail?

But you forget
Caring is more

It’s more than something you can intellectualize
It’s more than a concept
It’s more than thinking
More than knowing
More than even an action
Caring is a lifestyle
For all those around you
Even beyond yourself

O and one more thing caring isn’t about caring about

David Knox