Carers Education (Part 1)

Our 1st poem from Grommit

Carers Education (Part 1)

Welcome to our carers course,
Which really is a sham,
Run on behalf of a Society,
That does not give a damn.

I’m glad to see you’ve left your,
Personal identities by the door.
When you become a carer,
You won’t need them anymore.

You will become a sheet of paper,
Held within a Social needs file.
Looked at very infrequently,
Then shoved to the bottom of the pile.

The box by the door on the left,
Is to deposit odds and ends,
Such as promises to give you assistance,
Made by disappearing friends.

The lockers on the right, there,
Are not for a clean pair of jeans,
They’re to store personal relationships,
And all your hopes and dreams.

Your allocated 10 tonnes of Patience
Will be delivered tomorrow, by van.
Try to use it sparingly,
Believe me, you’ll need every gram.

As the course progresses,
You will meet many doubts and fears,
So bring some absorbent material
To dry up the many, many tears.

That’s all for our first session.
After break, we will deal with the”…ations”
There are quite a few in this category,
And we shall commence with Frustration.