Anger over decision to refuse patients MS drugs

MS sufferers denied drugs which can stop patients “screaming out in pain”

File photo: A Multiple Sclerosis consultation

2 Responses to Anger over decision to refuse patients MS drugs

  1. Barry Simkins says:

    Nice you should be ashamed of your selfs. I had to fight for everything for my late wifey, and still got nowhere.

  2. Kenneth Hill says:

    I am not surprised of the attitude. Nice is a disgrace. My mum has dementia and cancer yet l have had to fight tooth and nail for mum and social work and nhs. It’s all about money and the care system will just get worse. I am so so so tired worrying 24 7 about mum amongst trying to improve what quality of life mum has. Social work place more importance on stupid health and safety than actual one to care. I am and the other 8 million carers in UK and the world fighting to keep people alive who are already gone just been kept alive in humanely. Animals seem to have more rights than me mum and other people suffering 247 off he he’ll. I live in auchtermuchty fife Scotland it is bucketing down with rain and everything is bleak. Mum on drugs for this for that but just postponing the inevitable. Mum wants to pass on and mum is just falling apart from the cancer and the dementia brain heamoragez and just lake of sleep pain confusion etc etc etc. They the powers that be do not have a clue of pain and suffering. Don’t know how long we all can carry on. Government Cameron does not give a shit about all of us. Unpaid carers 24.7 hrs hrs per week. But fife social work want to put shove mum into a home. No way will l allow this. Kenneth Hill fife Scotland p’s my mp ming Campbell been no use at all just there. A multi millionaire barrister.

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