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What a way to treat the widow of one of our greatest war heroes

Douglas Bader’s anguished family reveal the shocking neglect his wife Joan has suffered in TWO care homes

  • Joan Bader has been in four age homes
  • One failed to give her medical attention when she suffered stroke
  • Another left her in soaked sheets
  • Her daughter Wendy is appalled by level of care in some homes

By Kathryn Knight


Walking into her elderly mother’s care home, Wendy McCleave was shocked by the sight that confronted her. It had been a matter of days since she had last visited, yet in that time her mother’s condition had deteriorated horrifically.

Sunken-eyed, with a livid bruise on her temple, she seemed unable to speak or swallow.

‘I thought she was dying,’ Wendy recalls. ‘It was the most horrendous shock.’

In fact, her mother Joan, the widow of Sir Douglas Bader, Britain’s most famous wartime pilot whose story was told in the film Reach For The Sky, had suffered a stroke. Yet no one at her residential care home had taken action, despite the attempts by one nurse, Adeline Dalley, to seek medical treatment.   

Zest for life: Joan with war hero Douglas Bader on their wedding day

Zest for life: Joan with war hero Douglas Bader on their wedding day

Mother suing disabled daughter’s carers after her wheelchair rolled 200ft down a hill

When they forgot to put the brakes on’

By James Rush


Penny Nadal (left) is suing a care company after her daughter Lisa Conisbee (right) suffered horrific facial injuries when her wheelchair rolled down a steep hill

‘81% of carers’ for abused children not trained in online

Tue 28 Jan 2014

The overwhelming majority of professionals who care for abused children admit they have had no training in how to help children recover from the online element, a survey revealed.