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Blackburn carer refused free bus journey

A DISABLED man was left in Blackburn town centre after a driver refused to let his carer on his bus – despite her carrying a British Red Cross carers’ card.

By Dan Clough, Reporter

Charlotte and Nathan Charlotte and Nathan

Nathan Montague, 19, has problems with his hearing, asthma, has been tested for autism and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and takes anti-depressants.

His girlfriend, 16-year-old Charlotte Hamer, looks after his medicine and has to be with him at all times in case he has a problem.

Mr Montague, who lives with Charlotte and her parents in Rothesay Road, Blackburn, carries a NoWcard, which gives him free travel on Transdev buses.

But when the pair tried to get on the number seven bus in Blackburn Boulevard to get home, Charlotte, who carries the Red Cross Carers Emergency Card, was denied access by the driver – despite having used the card for free travel on several occasions.

The pair had no money with them and were left to walk home in the cold.

Charlotte, a student at St Mary’s College, Blackburn, said she was responsible for Nathan: “Nathan is on anti-depressants which are hugely addictive, so I have to be there to watch him take them. I keep his tablets for him. I have responsibility for him.”

Mr Montague said if he was left on his own he could have real problems.

Care home elderly forced to pay £17 to get toe nails cut

Elderly residents in a number of Sheffield care homes are being forced to pay up to £17 to have their toe nails cut.

Story submitted by: Gael Stigant

‘Significant’ numbers of old people face a waiting list of more than four months to get basic foot care from the NHS, meaning they have no choice but to fork out for a private podiatrist.

A lack of trained members of care home staff, and a shortage of training spaces, worsens the problem.

A report by Sheffield Local Involvement Network (LINk), which was written following an investigation by its Care Homes for Older People Action sub-group, stated: “Significant numbers of older people are paying for private chiropody services at prices varying from £5 to £17 per session.

“It is difficult to know for certain what type of foot care they are paying for but we know that many of these contacts are for toe nail cutting only.

Elderly people ‘staying at home for fear of falling’

31 October 2012 Last updated at 00:45

Elderly people ‘staying at home for fear of falling’

elderly lady who has fallen A third of adults over 65 will suffer a fall each year, but falls are not inevitable, says Age UK

A fear of falling is making many elderly people prisoners in their own homes, a survey has suggested.

More than one in five of the 500 people aged 75 and older, interviewed by the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service charity, lived in fear of falling.

And 5% are so fearful that they will not leave their homes unaccompanied, the report found.