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Cash for new carers’ group


Cash for new carers’ group

Pippa Chambers, Reporter Tuesday, April 19, 2011
2:00 PM


 CARERS in Congresbury look set to benefit from some respite as plans for a new group advance.

At a village parish council meeting last week members agreed to give £720 to Crossroads, which offers support, advice and information to carers throughout North Somerset.

The funds will allow carers in the village to meet monthly and can pay for them to take part in activities of their choice.

Looking after the carers as well


A FREE course to help improve the life of carers is starting up at the Abbey Medical Centre at Merstow Green, in Evesham, from May 31.

New tablet is very exciting and a double dose of good news for MS patients.

Norwich hospital in new MS pill trials

Kim Briscoe, Health correspondent

 Tuesday, April 19, 2011
6:30 AM

A Norwich hospital has been at the forefront of trials for a new pill for multiple sclerosis which has today been approved for use in the UK.


Fingolimod is the first oral treatment developed for the autoimmune disease.