10 things every carer should know

The Carers Centre is a free resource for all unpaid informal Carers in Tameside.

Experienced Wellbeing Advisors are available to listen to your situation and find the best support for you and the person you carer for.
Make sure you don’t miss out on help and advice by letting them know you are a Carer. In the meantime, make a start by reading the Top 10 things Every Carer Should Know. There is also an A-Z for Carers if the information you need is not here.

  1. You have a legal right to a Carer’s Assessment. It sounds like a test, but it’s just a chat with an advisor to find the best support for you and the person you care for. This can be arranged with the Carers Centre in Ashton.
  2. Caring can affect your mental health. Depression is common in Carers for obvious reasons, but there are techniques you can use to stay feeling strong and positive.
  3. Caring can impact on your physical health. Looking after yourself may be hard- but it is important to eat, sleep and be physically well.
  4. Being a Carer can sometimes mean that you cannot work or do other things you want to do. You might be able to get information about how you can get a break or get onto training or financial help.
  5. If you are working Carers have rights at work. It helps to know what your employer’s obligations are just in case they aren’t supportive.
  6. Caring can be isolating, but you’re not alone. There are many support groups, for you and the person you care for.
  7. There are advice and support services who can help with some of the practical things you might need when looking after someone.
  8. There are national Carers organisations that give a wealth of advice. Visit Carers UK and Carers Trust to find out more.
  9. Nobody wants to think about the time when their caring responsibilities end, but there are things that have to be done. Being prepared could leave you with the space to grieve when the time comes.

Call the Carers Centre on 0161 342 3344 to speak to an Advisor, or book an appointment for an assessment and we can give you some advice and guidance about any of the issues or things described in a safe confidential and supportive environment.

Alternatively, drop into:

50 Warrington Street

between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday, or visit www.tameside.gov.uk/carers/centre for more information.