We salute work of carers in this Dementia Week

The devastating impact of Alzheimer’s, or dementia

Thursday, 24 May 2012

This week (May 21-27) is Dementia Awareness Week and I would like your readers to spare a thought for people across Northern Ireland, who are struggling with the relentless, debilitating advance of Alzheimer’s, or dementia, as well as those who care for them.  I work for a disability charity called Vitalise. Each year, we welcome couples affected by Alzheimer’s, or dementia, to our respite centres for much-needed breaks.

We would like to salute the courage and dignity of the unseen army of carers who are struggling day in, day out with the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s, or dementia, on someone they love.

To mark Dementia Awareness Week, we have produced a video, in which carers talk about their experiences of living, coping and coming to terms with the devastating effects of dementia.

We think everyone should see it. It can be viewed on our website, www.vitalise.org.uk. If your readers would like to support our vital work, they can call 0303 303 0147, or visit the website.



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