Trolley Buddy transforms supermarket shopping

Singing the praises of a new trolley seat

Warrington mum Linzi Price and her 3 year old son Zack are singing the praises of a new trolley seat, designed by children’s charity Cerebra, which has helped to transform their daily lives.Zack was born prematurely with Cerebral Palsy and problems with hearing, seeing and feeding. Many everyday activities that people take for granted are difficult for Zack and his mum, including a trip to the supermarket.  Zack’s Cerebral Palsy means that he can’t sit very well in the trolley, falling forward, sideways or even out of the seat.


Luckily Linzi found out about a special trolley seat, the Trolley Buddy, developed by the charity Cerebra.  The Trolley Buddy is designed to fit into a regular supermarket trolley but provides extra support for children like Zack.  When Linzi expressed her interest in the seat, the charity offered to send her one to test before she committed to buy.


Linzi was so pleased with the seat that she posted her own review on a blog – Linzi says “the Trolley Buddy is so simple – a little portable seat that you can take with you to the supermarket.  You just pop it into the trolley, strap it round the back and pop the child in.”

The Trolley Buddy has been so successful that Cerebra have a waiting list for them and are looking for a commercial partner so that they can produce them on a larger scale.  Linzi appeals for supermarkets to “buy the Trolley Buddy, have them to hand behind your counter and help us mums and dads out – we just want to take our children shopping.”


Cerebra aims to improve the lives of children and young people with neurological conditions through research and on-going support.  The charity’s Innovation Centre adapts and develops equipment for children with brain injuries.

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  1. Fernanda pereda says:

    Hi my name is Fernando, I found your website because I was browsing for equipment for my son who has cerebral palsy. He’s 20months and can’t lift his head and sit. I was wondering if your recommend having the trolley buddy for him instead of always having to take out the stroller to shop.. Please let me know the details and price and recommendations.. thank you

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