Tribute to Carers

My Tribute to Carers.

Carers are often overlooked
There’s no sympathy to spare,
When it’s lavished on the one who’s sick –
The person in their care.

So often the carer needs an ear
A shoulder on which to cry,
A minute or two just for themselves
As their life goes rushing by.

An hour to spend that’s just for them
For fripperies and for fun
When at someone else’s beck and call,
Their work is never done.

An outing to the cinema perhaps,
To laugh and feel carefree,
To offload the burden,
Weighed down with love,
So a bit of life they see.

They never moan, they don’t regret,
They don’t see it as a chore.
They don’t do it as a duty
Or to notch up a heavenly score.

They don’t get awarded medals
At the end there is no prize.
But then, you see, each carer
Is an angel in disguise.

author unknown

2 Responses to Tribute to Carers

  1. hal100 says:

    What a wonderful poem.

  2. Maggie Chandler says:

    I love this poem

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