Tommy on tour to spread the word about dementia

For years, he toured the globe with some of the biggest names in pop. Now he tours hospitals, spreading awareness about dementia.

Tommy Whitelaw ran the global merchandising operations for U2, the Spice Girls and Kylie until 2007, when his mum, Joan, was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

He was her carer for five years, until she died in September, 2012. Now Mr Whitelaw, from Glasgow, works on the Dementia Carers Voices project with the Health and Social Care Alliance.

He hopes his Tommy on Tour campaign will raise awareness amongst health and social care professionals of both dementia and caring. Yesterday, he visited the Queen Elizabeth, Norfolk and Norwich University and James Paget University hospitals. Today, he is due to call at the Ipswich and West Suffolk hospitals. “My motivation came from the love I had for my mum and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat,” he said. “But my experience has shown me just how tough it is to live with dementia and how many struggles it can bring.”

Mr Whitelaw feels that no one should ever have to face the confusion, loneliness and isolation that many carers often experience.

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