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Making improvements for carers in Gwent

Carers need more support

12:31pm Thursday 1st September 2011

By Andy Rutherford – Health correspondent »


THE focus and attention given to the needs of carers by the NHS in Gwent is “patchy and sporadic” and improvements are being planned to meet the demands of new Wales-wide regulations.

The numbers of carers across Gwent runs into the tens of thousands – there are believed to be 15,000 in Newport alone – and more pertinently, there are predicted to be large increases in carers aged 65 and over during the next 20 years.

Elderly carer numbers are expected to rise by almost a third (31 per cent) in Gwent by 2030, though this could vary between 26 per cent (in Newport) and 37 per cent (in Monmouthshire).

Caring for someone with dementia can be a very frightening experience.

‘I think we knew it was Alzheimer’s before the consultant told us’


With more than 820,000 people suffering with dementia in the UK and 60,000 deaths a year directly attributable to it, Julia McWatt spoke to one family who have been affected by the illness

FOR sufferers of dementia and those close to them, the effects can lead to some very frightening experiences.

Alzheimer’s sufferers can often experience great confusion and mood swings, which can make it very difficult for both the sufferer and their carers, family members and friends.

State-of- the-art care home could be completed by the end of next year

Joy as £6m care site takes shape

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Profile image for Carmarthen Journal WORK on a long-awaited state-of- the-art care home could be completed by the end of next year.

Grwp Gwalia’s new nursing care home on land to the rear of the existing Mynydd Mawr Hospital in Upper Tumble looks on track to be completed by the end of 2012.

A spokeswoman for Gwalia — the care and housing provider — said: “Since March the foundations and other groundworks have been completed and the building’s footprint is now starting to take shape.