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Hospital consultants should consider working weekends

Hospital doctors told to rethink weekend working

By Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News

 A shortage of senior doctors is said to be at the heart of the problem

Hospital consultants should consider working weekends to cut the spike in deaths, a doctors’ leader says.

Dr Mark Porter, the British Medical Association’s consultants chairman, said the mounting evidence about the problem meant it was time for doctors to put themselves forward if needed.

He said it would not be necessary for every speciality or hospital, but it needed to be looked at case-by-case.

There is a wealth of research into higher mortality rates at weekends.

At the end of last year, the research company Dr Foster found mortality rates rose by 10% at weekends. Other studies have shown similar correlations.

Staffing – and in particular the presence or absence of senior doctors – has been highlighted as a key factor.

Lady Williams fears the health reform bill fails

Health reforms face new challenge from Lib Dem rebels

Evan Harris and Shirley Williams plan to table a motion at the party conference demanding further changes to coalition bill

Lady Williams fears the health reform bill fails to provide sufficient guarantees of an NHS free at the point of delivery.
Liberal Democrat rebels are planning a fresh move against the government’s health reforms at the party conference next week after a wider than expected revolt in the House of Commons against the plans.