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Older women become primary carers during partner's final days, research shows

The role of the family is crucial

New research shows that older women are often the primary carers for their partner when they reach the end of their life.

More than 60% of informal care is provided by a spouse or partner – mainly women between the age of 35 and 64.

Carers should receive what they’re entitled to

Baroness Altmann

ACROSS Britain, 6.5million people are supporting a loved one who is elderly, disabled or seriously ill.

This is the country’s wonderful army of carers.

Unpaid and often unrecognised, they play a vital role – not just to the relatives, partners, parents, children, friends or neighbours for whom they care – but for our society.

It is no secret that we are living longer.

People are now surviving for years with illnesses and disabilities which, just a generation or two ago, would have meant an earlier death.

People with such conditions can live life to the full.

Big firms MUST change the insensitive way they treat bereaved families

 ‘When mum died, Lloyds made the grief even harder to bear

Close-knit: Money Mail writer Victoria Bischoff and her mum Julie, who died in April

  • When Victoria Bischoff’s mother Julie died in April, Lloyds were unhelpful
  • They made her call automated service and sent computer-generated letters
  • An insensitive customer service adviser asked a series of intrusive questions and didn’t know the rules about credit card debts
  • Other organisations such as the local council were much better 

Mum had been a customer at Lloyds Bank for around 25 years. The staff in her local branch in Coventry knew her well, so they had recognised me the moment I came through the door.

The woman behind the counter went pale. ‘You’re Julie’s daughter, aren’t you?’ she said. ‘I know what you’re here to say.’