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When the loving care stops

As some disabled youngsters live their dreams at the Paralympics, others face spending their days in homes for the elderly


A happy outcome: Jamie Gill with his parents Anna and Howard

5:04PM BST 02 Sep 2012

In many respects, Jamie Gill is just like any other young adult. He has a “wicked sense of humour, and a particular fondness for blondes, wrestling and chocolate”, according to his mother, Anna. Jamie, 21, also has mitochondrial disease, a progressive genetic disorder that affects every system and organ in his body, in particular his muscles and brain. As a result, he is confined to a wheelchair and has problems communicating, although he can feed himself if someone cuts up the food. He also has diabetes, epilepsy and osteoporosis.

Aylsham women bare all for naked charity calendar

Fundraisers in Aylsham have swapped business suits for birthday suits to appear in a naked calendar for Breast Cancer Care and Diabetes UK.

Kathryn Bradley, Reporter


Business women in Aylsham bare all for a charity calendar

Business women in Aylsham bare all for a charity calendar

The project is the brainchild of Sara Westwood, Sara’s sister Trudie Bradley, Helen Colebrooke and Sue Cubitt, who were inspired by the story of the Calendar Girls – the members of a Yorkshire Women’s Institute who famously stripped off in a calendar for charity.

The friends were further spurred on by Helen’s daughter Leah, 12, who suffers from type 1 diabetes and Trudie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August.

Sara said: “It is an idea I have had for a while but it never really got off the ground. We went to see the Calendar Girls at the Theatre Royal in Norwich and talked about it afterwards and said right lets do it. It made a big difference this time because of Trudie’s diagnosis and wanting to give something back. Breast Cancer Care is a charity that she made really good use of and was a really good support to her. Especially the forums on their website where she was able to women who were going through exactly the same thing at the same time.”

David Cameron promises Olympic Games health ‘legacy’

David Cameron is to announce the setting-up of a £10m science research centre on the site of the Olympic drug-testing laboratories.

The “phenome” facility will allow better understanding of physical characteristics such as hair and eye colour, as well as diseases including dementia and diabetes.

The prime minister will say the UK can “lead the world” in the research field.

He will address 500 leading figures from the global health industry.