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Touchingly they became carers for one another

They were Shropshire childhood sweethearts

Tuesday 19th July 2011, 10:05AM BST.

For more than 70 years, childhood sweethearts Allen Clifford and his wife Rita were inseparable. Not even Allen being captured as a prisoner of war could keep them apart.

“Rita and I met as 16-year-olds at a church youth club before World War Two,” says Allen, now aged 88, from Telford.

“I was shot down over Germany and interned as a PoW. I subsequently escaped and Rita and I got engaged in 1945 and married in 1946.”

The couple raised a son and lived and worked all over England; Rita as a civil servant and primary teacher, Allen as a lecturer and later an education inspector.

The Football League pitches in for hospice care

What a grand thing for them to do.
13 July 2011

The Football League has teamed up with national charity Help the Hospices for the 2011/12 season.

The Football League’s official charity partnership with Help the Hospices will give millions of Football League fans across England and Wales the chance to make a difference for people with life-limiting illnesses in their local community and their families.

Researchers in Norwich have helped towards finding a cure for cancer

Norwich scientists work on rat that is immune to cancer and might offer medical miracle

David Bale Thursday, July 7, 2011 4:27 PM

The Naked Mole Rat is resistant to cancer. The Naked Mole Rat is resistant to cancer.


Researchers in Norwich have helped towards finding a cure for cancer, after taking a step towards understanding why an African rat lives for 30 years and is resistant to the killer disease. 

Staff at the Genome Analysis Centre at Norwich Research Park have been working with colleagues from the University of Liverpool on finding cures for diseases of old age, particularly cancer.

And their work has focused on the naked mole-rat which is native to the deserts of East Africa, lives underground, is impervious to pain and can survive despite the depleted oxygen levels in its burrows.