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Wrong that carers feel hidden and neglected

The government’s care minister says more must be done to help young adults who look after unwell or disabled relatives.


Norman Lamb was quizzed for Newsbeat by 18-year-old Pippa Haines from Southampton, who’s been a carer since she was four.

The Liberal Democrat said: “You should be open about it [caring], proud of it, and supported in doing it.

“We’ve got to escape from this sense that you feel hidden and neglected.”

Pippa took a list of points to the minister that were raised by young adult carers in Radio 1 Stories: Keeping Mum, broadcast on Radio 1 on 8 October.  Rebekah Clark, 21, with disabled older sister Ashleigh

She told him the list “includes more support in schools and colleges”.

Incredible burden

He replied: “We’ve established a £127m fund which goes to colleges and further education, to support learning. Young carers can apply for that.

DLA is a lot more than money

The real issue with losing DLA is the validation

Sunday, 2 September 2012

DLA paperwork.  I’m going through the process again because, naturally, auto-immune arthritis has no cure, nor does fibromyalgia…but the goal-posts to what being disabled means has changed and now, unless I’m stuck in bed and cannot even blink, I’m not really disabled anymore.  This is what the new descriptors are doing.  I haven’t got a shade’s chance at midnight in passing this.  My only blessing right now is my son is currently in the clear till 2014…and unless there’s some miracle in autism he’s going to be fine and capable of continuing to receive it; residential status pretty much secures that for him.  I can breathe easy for that, at least.

‘Meet the Truckers’ event builds excitement before weekend convoy

Visitors to the Forum were kings of the road on Saturday when they had the chance to meet the people behind the wheels of the East Coast Truckers.

Lucy Wright Monday, August 20, 2012
10:45 AM



Trucks parade along the A47 at Blofield for the East Coast Truckers 2011 convoy to Pleasurewood Hills. Photo by Simon FinlayTrucks parade along the A47 at Blofield for the East Coast Truckers 2011 convoy to Pleasurewood Hills. Photo by Simon Finlay

Trucks lined up outside the Forum from 10am until 4pm on Saturday and people could sit in the cab, talk to the drivers and listen to live music.