Hosted chat on Shared Lives at 2pm Monday 28th March in our chat room

What do you know about
Supporting Older Family Carers?

We hope you will join us at 2pm Monday 28th March in our forum chatroom


Else from NAAPS Shared Lives.

Please register on our forum before the day of the
chat to be able to access our chatroom.

When Else will explain to us how the scheme works.

“Shared Lives is an arrangement where couples (married or with partners), single people and families provide a welcoming home and include people in their family lives and social networks.
Shared lives can provide short breaks, long term accommodation and support or day opportunities.”
They offer a personalised service which puts the person’s need, choices and happiness first.
Please join us in our chatroom for what should be a really interesting chat.

NAAPS is a UK Charity established to represent the interests of all those involved in delivering, small individualised, community based services such as Shared Lives (formerly known as Adult Placement )

3 Responses to Hosted chat on Shared Lives at 2pm Monday 28th March in our chat room

  1. Fiona says:

    This sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea – sadly too late for me (my husband died just before christmas) – I feel that he would have benefited enormously from something like this. I hope that you manage to spread the word around about your charity.
    not able to log on tomorrow (28th) work!!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Fiona, and please accept our condolances on the passing of your late husband.
    Please call in again.

  3. JULIE STEAD says:

    We feel shared lives in Yorkshire haven’t acted impartial when one carer has made unsubstantiated allegations against another carer and don’t believe they’ve learnt from those mistakes.They haven’t put us back to full time work telling us theirs no service users waiting for placements but they advertise in the press needing new carers.We have got to the point you don’t know when to believe them and the manager is on longterm sick meaning issues raised haven’t been put forward.The saga has been running 11mths.We don’t know outside of shared lives that we can turn for help.

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