Help with shopping for the elderly needs to be extended across the UK

Shopping service to help elderly in Bradford on Avon

8:00am Sunday 8th May 2011

A new service delivering weekly shopping to the elderly and vulnerable has been launched in Bradford on Avon.

The idea arose when Andrew Wright found himself trying to help his mother, who is registered blind, maintain her independence after his father died.

Mr Wright came up with the idea of a weekly delivery service, and along with business partner John Upson has created Weekly Wants. He said: “My mother lives in Wales and despite being very independent, needed help with shopping. I do travel to visit her once a week to get groceries, but the distance does make this quite a task. She is happy when someone calls in, as it breaks up the monotony of the day.”

Weekly Wants is now serving people in the Bradford on Avon and wider Wiltshire area, and sees forming close relationships with their customers as a crucial part of their service.

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5 Responses to Help with shopping for the elderly needs to be extended across the UK

  1. graham says:

    Clearly this is a very useful service but remember it is a business & if you check the grocery price lists on link above you will see they are very expensive indeed…well above supermarket prices & on a par with Milkman delivery prices.

  2. Lynn Hudson says:

    WONDERFUL IDEA. Could do with this myself. no longer able to drive and now walk! Cornwall would be a good area to start this.

  3. Lynn Hudson says:

    thank you for that Graham. Might just as well pay the extra and get it from Tesco’s on line.

  4. Lynn oldfield says:

    I do my friends shopping from time to time, also take my mum every week I would like to offer my services but not sure how or where to go for information to do this

  5. Maggie says:

    If we have a big shop, and David or indeed myself dont feel like traipsing round the supermarkets we have it delivered,, all we have to do then is to take it out of the bags and put it away xx

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