Family unpaid Carers are going through Hell at the moment!

Family unpaid Carers are going through Hell at the moment!


With so many going through a tough time at the moment we thought we would put a blog together for our front page, so please add your thoughts, your names will not be included.

Carers are going through hell at the moment, what with cut backs in services and concerns about benefits…….
1.Does no one care?

2.Perhaps its due to the non carers who organise the system. They dont do what we do so dont know what we face each day.

3.It is not just the carers either, although I am an unpaid carer, I receive Income Support for my own disability, cannot claim Invalidity Benefit as I am not disabled, according to the DWP doctor. Helen receives her JSA, and for eight months she has been trying to get a job, to no avail, and her Disability Element, we are going to lose both.
We have to go to a meeting in the Government Offices in Tunbridge Wells next Tuesday to see a financier to iron out exactly how Helen and I are supposed to buy food and pay bills without any income?
Despite this Coalition Government making all these cuts, supposedly to bring England out of the recession, why is it that they are targetting the poorer families, it doen’t hurt the wealthier, and what about their ‘fat’ pensions and salaries?
There is no fairness in this country for carers and the disabled.

4.Social services is run by idiots
NHS is run by idiots————-this can’t be accidental surely, maybe its a way of doing away with all disabled and long term sick without looking too bad to the rest of the world.

In 40 years of caring it has never been so bad, I am sure if they had their way the Government would have all disabled and long term sick in institutions, with basic living at basic cost.
Social care in this country is worse than in some third world countries, and it only upsets those it affects ,the general public will never care until it happens to them.

4 Responses to Family unpaid Carers are going through Hell at the moment!

  1. Tim says:

    I am a full time carer for my wife, I am constantly getting let down by carers agency, not sending a carer, arriving extremely late. Nobody really cares about carers or disabled, I have actually given up voting now as no one party is in favour of spending money on carers or disabled in my experience. Every party that comes into power, the first thing they do is promise massive reforms and the first they target is disabled and carers alike. I hear so many stories of direct payment allowances being cut to really stupid and none helpful allowances, this is due to the “new improved ” assessment form, they now no longer use social workers to judge what is acceptable help, instead the information that is filled into the form and it is fed into a computer, that then generates a budget that is then to be worked too, so if you had more hours and the computer says you need less, there is nobody to take responsibility for the decision. Instead the social workers just say “computers said no, my hands are tied. ” There seems to be no real way to contest what the computer says either. I am trying to get my wife into a day care centre, but so far, the assessment has taken months to go through. I am doubtful we will get enough funding of hours to allow her to go in the end as a result.

  2. Lynn Hudson says:

    I get so angry when I read all the complaints. No longer a Carer but I still CARE FOR THE CARERS so please get something sorted before they all have to be cared for themselves. Caring is very wearing!!

  3. admin says:

    Led by UKDPC on 31 January 2011, twelve organisations decided to work together to achieve a united voice of disabled people and our allies against the disproportionate, vicious cuts and reforms proposed by the Coalition Government.

    We hope that you will join us in a national day of action, lobby and march on 11 May 2011.

    Knowing that UK policy is to uphold the rights, equality and participation of disabled people as demonstrated by the Life Chances Report and the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

    The objectives of acting together are to:

    •Challenge the welfare reforms suggested by government which, in many cases, are forcing many disabled people into housebound isolation, institutions and homelessness.

    •Challenge the cuts which are disproportionately affecting disabled people and causing further poverty and destitution.

    •Challenge the underlying inhumanity, inequality and disablism of the proposals.

    Do join us – our voice must be heard.

  4. Tim says:

    I gave up work in 1993 to care for Sam. I was constantly being asked to sign on for Job seekers allowance, despite me telling the job centre time and time again I was a carer, the trouble is in the end I had to write to the MP to get carers allowance as the job centre did not believe me when I said I could not look for work as I was a carer now. They threatened loss of benefits and all sorts of legal action etc. The system is all wrong, I feel so tired of fighting for the basics both carers and disabled need, why is it always a struggle. I had to write to MP to get Sam on DLA higher rate for life as her condition was not going to change, it will over time get worse, hence, we make the most of being able to get out now, we have been abroad several times in the past, got into debt doing it, but at the end of the day if we dont do it while we can like many carers and disabled we eventually will not be able to do things. either through lack of funding or as a result of limitations imposed due to disability etc. I can understand why so many carers feel isolated and suffer depression at times, I despair at the lack of understanding of individual needs.

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