Does sticky tape cause you a Problem?

Does sticky tape cause you a Problem?



What should have taken me 5 mins to wrap a Birthday pressy took me an hour.
Wrapping paper cut and folded round present, then pulled the sticky tape from the roll, and yes the edge had been folded over.
What happened…..
It started off ok, then slowly went thinner and thinner, leaving me with a long stringy piece. I gathered it up but a bit got caught on the wrapping paper and even though I carefully tried to remove it it took all the surface off the paper.
Luckily I had enough paper to re wrap.

cant find the end of the sticky tape,
tried for 10 mins rolling the thing around my nails only to get more stringy bits and no way of getting it back to rolling correctly.
Get sharp kitchen knife out,
cut a quarter of the roll off, try again,
get loads of little pieces off the roll,
none  suitable.
Throw sticky tape roll in the bin and look for some glue,
superglue has gone hard in the tube, throw it away,
Go upstairs, look in all the drawers for some ribbon….
surely I have some somewhere
Cant find any
getting a bit fed up now
dig sticky tape out of the bin
try again with sharp knife and pull 2 ft off the roll in various stages of width
get to the end of roll
 there is 6 inches of tape left that is useable
carerfully I cut with scissors 3 small pieces and stick them on my hand.
go back to present, and finally manage to seal it.
It is only a small box of perfume!
As for the gift tag, 
the sticky bit they put on them wont stay on it keeps falling off , so I have given up and just written a message on the wrapping paper as I have no sticky tape left.
Do you have these problems?

Written by a Carer

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  1. Lynn Hudson says:

    I knew I had a soul mate somewhere. Hope the weather is still good where you al are. Hugs all round. Lynn

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