Disabled woman left without care

Miss Milner suffers from spinal problems and is often bedbound.


Janis Milner

Published on Thursday 26 April 2012 08:50

A DISABLED woman has been left lying in her own urine and faeces after her care support was suddenly stopped.

Janis Milner, 33, of Stainland, has been tearful and distressed since being left without any dignity since Saturday.

She is incontinent and has little control over her bowel movements.

Her commode was left overflowing and she has had to use her washing-up bowl.

Miss Milner suffers from spinal problems and is often bedbound.

She has no feeling in her right leg and only 30 per cent feeling in the other.

Her disabilities have worsened since a car accident in 1999 and she did have carers calling three times daily.

Social services have been involved in meeting her needs through a healthcare company which included personal care, cleaning, and on good days outings to the shops.

Miss Milner said social services had told her they had been trying to contact her and if she didn’t return calls her care would be stopped and that happened.

But, Miss Milner, said no messages have been left on her mobile – for which they have the number – and her home phone isn’t working.

And, both organisations knew of her disabilities and it was wrong to cut-off her support withhout making alternative arrangements.

“It’s neglet. Utter neglect and I have been inconsolable,” said a tearful Miss Milner, who lives alone and doesn’t have family locally.

“I have just been left. If it wasn’t for my friends I would have been left with nothing other than Careline which have been fantastic but it’s not their job to empty my commode.”

Last Saturday night Miss Milner had to leave her door unlocked as she didn’t know if callers would know her keysafe number to gain access.

“If I fell someone would have needed to get access and with being downstairs I couldn’t sleep. If anyone I didn’t know came in what could I have done?”

Miss Milner was previously a finance manager and sporty with horse-riding and rugby among her interests.

After the accident she began to get back pain from bulging discs in her lower back which eventually virtually went through her spinal cord.

Treatment is still ongoing but her condition is expected to deteriorate further.

She has complained about her predicament but is still waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Miss Milner said social services want her to switch to a direct payment scheme for which she would be given a budget to organise her own care needs.

“I think I am being bullied to get something down about that and that is horrendous,” she said.

“For people to consciously take the decision they have I can’t get my head around it.

“If I didn’t have friends I would still be lying here in my own urine and faeces.”

Calderdale Council hid behind protocol and refused to comment in full or accept any responsibility for Miss Milner’s plight.

Instead, Director of Adults Health and Social Care, Bev Maybury, issued a brief statement: “The council never discusses the details of individual clients’ cases,” she said.

“However, what we would say is that, rather than narrowing clients’ choices in the way that they receive their care, we always try to increase the amount of choice available.

“Where clients do encounter problems and need urgent assistance, then there is an emergency number that they can contact, which is: 0845 1111 137.”


13 Responses to Disabled woman left without care

  1. some one needs to be prosecuted over this. One thing didn’t understand if she was able to get washing up bowl, why wasnt she able to get to toilet. Still does not make what soc serv have done right though. Disgusted…

  2. Fiona White says:

    This incident needs a thorough independent investigation first to establish exactly what happened and second to make sure that no-one is left in that situation again.

  3. Stanley Lee says:

    Surely, if the client cannot be contacted, a Social Worker should make a visit as a priority anyway. The client may be in a collapsed state and require urgent medical treatment. Sounds like a disaplinary matter with the Authority.

  4. t4mmy74 says:

    this situation is totally unaceptable and the direct payment scheme can be a lot of work,u may need more than 1 career if ur care is 7 days a wk then u have to cover sick leave and annual leave, not 2 mention the paperwork that has 2 be done and dealing with the tax man and also u need 2 provide insurance 4 those ppl working in ur house.
    i often feel that mature disabled ppl r not catered 4 as much as they need
    they seem to be catering 4 children with a disability or special needs and the elderly as they shud do but some times ppl that r not in these catagories get forgot about, this should be looked in 2

  5. Jane Young says:

    An independent enquiry should take place into what has gone wrong in this case. Without an independent enquiry we will never know what went wrong for this poor woman. However, if social services are unable to make contact they should visit as a matter of priority. Inexplicable and appalling.

  6. janet says:

    It appears that all disabled adults are ignored
    due to everything going to children etc . Adults
    deserve good care too.

  7. Indilwen says:

    I’m a U.S.A. citizen, so I cannae speak for the British laws, but this happened in the UK–it could be that the Social Services are slow sometimes for to respond over there? I’m asking…have no idea, I’m in Portland, OR, USA, where even if someone had no health insurance the hospitals would be required for to cover you (though I’ll say I’ll give it to the Europeans that most of you have socialized health care which is how it should be, lol), and where I’m certain this would have been reported far sooner (in Portland, OR, specifically, there are U.S. states where those on low-income and such have it far worse)

  8. Paula Rhyneer-Randolph says:

    Someone needs to sue! Oh, you poor woman! I am so sorry, the system seems to fail everyone, I say they need a new system.

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  10. Catherine Priestley says:

    This is one of the scenario’s that occurs , when money is considered to be more important than life, dignity and the wellbeing of the helpless.

    The LOVE of Money is the root of all evil.

  11. Sandy says:

    This story about this suffering woman having her caregivers services yanked away from her is very dispicable and that social worker should have been disciplined for being so careless to not look up her mobile number and call it for Pete’s sake! When someone is lying around in their own feces and urine they could get a very serious infection from the bacteria that wasin it. That could lead to being hospitalized, and it could lead to being in critical care, which could lead to phumonia! AND THAT CAN LEAD TO DEATH!!! THAT COLD HEARTED SOCIAL WORKER SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATLY!!! i’M GLAD SOME OF HER FRIENDS HELPED HER OUT! HOW CRUEL! HOW INHUMANE!! oH YOU SAY YOU DONT MAKE COMMENT’S ABOUT YOUR CLIENT’S??? THE PUBLIC WANTS A COMMENT AND AN APOLOGY AND ALL OF YOUR PAYCHECK FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS!GIVE jANICE YOUR PAYCHECK FOR 3 YEARS!OR GET SUED.s.k.

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