Digital Campaign of the Week: Beating Bowel Cancer

By Gemma O’Reilly , Third Sector Online, 31 March 2011

The Bottom Line

The bowel cancer charity aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of the illness

What is it?

The Bottom Line campaign is launched today to coincide with Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Beating Bowel Cancer has filmed a three-minute video that shows a man discovering he has the symptoms of bowel cancer. The screen then splits into two and shows alternative outcomes: one in which he goes to the doctor and has treatment; another in which he ignores the symptoms and ends up in hospital.

Where can you find the film?

The film, made by Amber Pictures, will be shown on Beating Bowel Cancer’s new website, which also launches today, and on YouTube. It will also be disseminated through the charity’s presence on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

The film was funded by people who supported the charity’s £3 bowel cancer challenge, which was launched last autumn. The charity challenged its supporters to raise £30 each by asking 10 friends to donate just £3 on JustGiving

Why has the campaign been launched? 

Beating Bowel Cancer is releasing new data that shows the alarming lack of awareness of symptoms of the UK’s second-biggest cancer killer, particularly prevalent among men. With more than half of men claiming not to be able to name any of the symptoms of bowel cancer, this film shows the devastating impact that ignoring the symptoms has on its central character.

Third Sector verdict:

The  split screen, reminiscent of the films Sliding Doors, is an idea that will no doubt affect viewers by making the consequences of ignoring symptoms all too clear. By using multiple social media channels, the campaign will be able to reach a wider audience and consequently more people will learn about the symptons of this illness.

2 Responses to Digital Campaign of the Week: Beating Bowel Cancer

  1. graham says:

    I have always thought that men seem less able than women to spot changes than can lead to cancer.
    With bowel cancer awareness month starting today I hope that men take note of it & perhaps become a little more aware of ‘ changes ‘ & see their Doctors earlier rather than later. The statistic that bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer is truly shocking. I understand diet can play a part & I feel sure that very topic will be mentioned in the coming month…. ‘ Prevention is better than cure ‘ & if we can improve the odds in our favour by some simple diet changes then all the better.

  2. Maureen says:

    It’s been advertised on TV recently how to spot symptoms of Bowel Cancer, hopefully that will encourage people with symptoms however minor they are to see their Doctor.

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