Dementia awareness days for people working in telecare

Date of article: 19-Oct-12

Article By: Rachel Baker, News Editor

Dementia awareness days are taking place throughout the country to deepen service providers’ understanding of and insight into dementia, with the next one taking place in Bristol on 29 November.

Being held in partnership with the Telecare Services Association (TSA), Clare Price, an occupational therapist at Just Checking, the web-based activity monitoring system enabling family members to manage the on-going care and support of a person with dementia in their own home, has devised and is now delivering the awareness days for those working within telecare.

Ms Price is concerned that although advances in telecare and telehealth equipment may be making it possible for these people to live independently for longer, consequences include gaps in services providers’ knowledge and understanding of dementia.

The first awareness day took place in Leeds on 3 October and was attended by 10 professionals. The next session is on 29 November in Bristol and the final one is in London on 12 December.

Ms Price said: “Anyone who is going to effectively meet the needs of people with dementia must understand the disease and its impact on the person.

“Understanding the concept of person-centred care and seeing the person first, and the dementia second is key to delivering good telecare services for people with dementia. Having an understanding of the different types of dementia and their symptoms, and the patient’s journey through primary, secondary and tertiary care means both service providers and telecare suppliers will be able to improve both their service and the products they offer.”

During the awareness days, delegates will learn about different forms of dementia as well as cognitive, behavioural, psychological and physical symptoms, many of which are distressing for friends and family and can present complex challengers to carers.

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