Death of a Nightingale – a Play not to be missed!

Another special school faces closure… Why does its head teacher attempt to take her own life? And what is the impact of this on those around her?


Death of a Nightingale  is  a provocative play within a book. It is like a matryoshka doll. It tells a human story with a challenging interplay of fact, fiction, satire and commentary . It  brings to life dry-as-dust issues important in education and, maybe, even more important beyond it. Which is the wiser mantra in education – Equality or Equity? How far does declaring a “Right” provide the protection of “a Right”? Is this generation properly mindful of the legacy it is bequeathing?

“Compelling, controversial and confrontational”   Len Parkin The Teacher
“A searing tale of a fight to save SEN school which drove head teacher to brink of suicide”
Kerra Maddern, Times Educational Supplement


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