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Norwich music teacher’s toolkit for fighting dementia

Music teacher with a passion for helping people with dementia

Pat Phelan (left) with her daughter Lesley Evans. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Monday, January 12, 2015
6:30 AM

A music teacher with a passion for helping people with dementia has come up with a musical toolkit to help families, friends and healthcare professionals communicate more effectively with those affected by the disease.

Using autobiographical collections of the music and sounds which have coloured their lives, volunteers help people who have been newly-diagnosed with dementia to create a Music Mirror which can be used to engage them as the disease progresses.

Tommy on tour to spread the word about dementia

For years, he toured the globe with some of the biggest names in pop. Now he tours hospitals, spreading awareness about dementia.

Tommy Whitelaw ran the global merchandising operations for U2, the Spice Girls and Kylie until 2007, when his mum, Joan, was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

He was her carer for five years, until she died in September, 2012. Now Mr Whitelaw, from Glasgow, works on the Dementia Carers Voices project with the Health and Social Care Alliance.

Norfolk and Suffolk mental health patients in beds miles from home

Up to 50 mental health patients in Norfolk and Suffolk had to be sent to other parts of England last week because of a shortage of beds and a shortfall in funding.

In June Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt criticised the “unacceptable” distances Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) patients had to travel for beds.

The NSFT said the trust was committed to cutting the use of out-of-area beds.

It cut the number from 34 to six by September, but it has gone up to 50.