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Norfolk’s carers missing out on help

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
7:28 AM

Vast numbers of Norfolk’s 95,000 strong army of carers are not getting the support they are entitled to, social services bosses have admitted.

Organiser Les Eve(left) welcomes carers to the Carers Week main event at Costessey Community Centre. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Norfolk County Council officers have conceded there are “significant issues” around support to unpaid carers, of which there are an estimated 94,700 in the county.

Those carers, many of whom are looking after loved ones, save the NHS and other public services an estimated £1.6bn a year by using their time to help others.

Norfolk and Suffolk mental health cuts ‘devastating’

Norfolk and Suffolk’s NHS mental health services merged in 2012 and must save about £40m over four years

Funding cuts in Norfolk and Suffolk show the government is failing to put mental and physical health on an equal footing, campaigners say.

Mainstream hospitals in the two counties have seen budgets rise by 15% since 2010, while mental health service funding has fallen by 3%.

The Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk said the cuts were “devastating”.

Norwich-based mental health art group

The Well Artists – exhibition at The Forum October 12-16

Saturday, October 11, 2014
12:31 PM

A Norwich-based art group for people living with mental ill-health is holding an exhibition at The Forum in the city from tomorrow.

The Well Artists – exhibition at The Forum October 12-16

The Well formed in 2006 to provide support and development for artists in Norfolk living with mental distress and now has a membership of about 14 people.