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UKIP and Carers – the 10%

So 1 in 10 Brits voted UKIP last week? 


Seems like the media can’t stop drivelling on about it. And people can’t stop drivelling about the media coverage.

Yet – amidst all the tumult and the shouting – here is one fact the media have missed reporting . As they have, consistently, for years and years and years.

There’s another one in 10 people in the UK who nobody mentions – the one in 10 who are unpaid family carers. On  duty – responsible for someone’s life –  many for the full 168 hours a week, week in, week out.  It is quite as dreadful as it sounds. You have difficulty with everything: working, sleeping, socialising, existing.  Paying bills. Getting out.  You don’t tend to get luxuries like bank holidays. And, no, you don’t get used to it.

Free app to boost meds adherence debuts in UK

New mobile app and website designed to help patients


World News
May 22 2014

Selina McKee

A new mobile app and website designed to help patients better manage their medicines and thus boost treatment adherence has been launched in the UK by Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI).

Care4Today Mobile Health Manager triggers medication dosing and repeat prescription reminders and also gives family members and carers the opportunity to provide support through a digital network.

Acklam mum backing new film tackling hate crimes against disabled people

Acklam mum backs the campaign, after helping her daughter Katy, who has Down’s Syndrome, through bullying

Kay Demoily & disabled daughter Katy

A mum whose disabled daughter was the victim of bullying has backed a new film launched to encourage people to report hate crimes.

Cleveland’s Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger launched the 15-minute film as a training tool to show the true impact of crimes against disabled people, which aims to address the levels of under-reporting across Teesside.