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Carers 'worried about more welfare cuts' charity warns

Around half of carers are struggling to make ends meet and worried about how further cuts to welfare will impact them, a charity has warned.

Carers UK said it was calling on the Government to help the millions of carers who provide vital help to others by providing them with better financial support.

Elderly people grieving the death of a loved one are often misdiagnosed as depressed

When they’re actually just lonely

  • Doctors often mistake bereavement with depression,  researchers warn
  • Rather than prescribing drugs, more should be done to tackle loneliness

Suffering from bereavement, many older people seek help from a GP to cope with the crushing feelings of loneliness.

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Carers need support to continue after the death of a loved one, claims report

People who give up a caring role to which they have devoted much of their lives often suffer from depression

Health Correspondent

Thursday 19 February 2015

Support for carers must not stop after the person they look after passes away or moves out of the home, a new report has urged.

Carers need help not just to look after loved ones, but also to cope with the aftermath of their caregiving coming to an end, the International Longevity Centre UK (ILC-UK) said.