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Hidden carers miss out on £1,000s in benefits help

Guy Anker
News Editor

Many on low incomes who care for loved ones or friends are entitled to over £3,000 a year in the carer’s allowance alone, plus the fact they’re in that position may trigger eligibility for other benefits.

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There are approximately six million carers in the UK. However, huge numbers don’t claim.

Benefits charity Elizabeth Finn Care estimates 300,000 people who are eligible do not claim carer’s allowance.

Other non-financial support is also sometimes available from local authorities and charities to those who ask for help.

Cancer charity Macmillan says over a million people caring for someone with cancer miss out on vital support, which may go beyond straightforward state handouts.

‘Charity saved our marriage and life’

The strain of caring for a loved one with dementia nearly ended our marriage.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Citizen

LOVING wives who care for their husbands with dementia say the strain almost ended their marriages.

But they were all brought back from the brink by a support group run by Brunelcare.

  1. SUPPORTED: Barbara and Peter Kiddle at the Kimbrose Lunch Club.

The charity helps carers across Gloucester, letting them take time out, share concerns and get advice.

Members of its Kimbrose Lunch Club have opened up about their personal struggles and how the club has transformed their lives.

They spoke out to raise awareness as part of National Carers Week, which ended yesterday.

Gift Aid on small cash donations

2 hours ago

Charities will benefit from Gift Aid on small cash donations under plans published by the Government.

Donations of £20 or less will be boosted by an extra 25p per pound, increasing funding by about £100 million each year by 2015-2016.

Proposals are designed to stop organisations losing out when people contribute to bucket collections and do not fill out Gift Aid declarations.

The current scheme provides more than £1 billion in additional income for the charitable sector.

Introducing this new scheme will see a big jump in the amount that charities can raise.