Caring is not like fishing

Maybe we all know someone who is a carer or has been one, but have we ever stopped to see what this really means.
How does the old lady caring for her husband, manage to do her shopping, and cope with the endless nights of interrupted sleep?
What about the young mum with a darling child but who was born with a disability, have you ever invited the child round to play with your child?
What about the man caring for his wife who is frail and has to rest.  How do they cope financially?  How does he cope with the housework?
There is a young couple down the road, who care for an elderly relative, how do they cope when they have to leave their nan to go out to work, knowing that she will not see a soul until they return home from work?
What about the parents who are caring for an adult child with mental health problems?
Are they shunned and passed by in the street?  The list goes on and on and on, because caring covers such a vast range of people.

Caring is not a hobby or a pastime like fishing or reading a book, it is often a 24 hour slog to keep a loved one happy with the continual struggle to keep strong and to keep awake.  Worry is never far away, either about the health of a loved one or concerns of another matter, but always  the constant fear about the changes that the government will make to the benefits.

Just a little thought and kindness could make the world of difference to someone who is a carer.  A friendly smile, an offer of help to get some shopping, or to sit with a loved one, can give some badly needed respite to someone who cares and is no doubt worn out.  A listening ear over a cup of tea or coffee could brighten up a carers day.  Showing that YOU care can in some small way make society care, because we must not forget that anyone can become a carer in an instant.  Who knows when you could be asking for help.?

Picture by Mo
Words by Wendy

3 Responses to Caring is not like fishing

  1. hal100 says:

    What brilliant words. Nobody knows when they are going to become a carer as it could happen to anybody at anytime.

  2. gram111 says:

    Anyone who has ever been a carer will easily identify with these words.

  3. babe67 says:

    This is such a lovely piece, and so true,,

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