Carers need to be planting potatoes !

Carers need to be planting potatoes and other vegetables to enjoy eating them.

According to a new research conducted by the Texas A and M University and the State University of Texas, it has been revealed that those older adults, who participate in activities like gardening, are going to like their vegetables more.

The report has shown the results from an online survey. This survey was conducted among people above the age of 50 years. It has shown the recommendations that promote gardening programs among these people.
Researchers, Amy McFarland, Aime Sommerfeld, Jayne Zajicek and Tina Waliczek are of the view that according to the studies, poor nutrition is one of the main factors that is responsible for morbidity and mortality in the elderly people. This cause actually claims more lives than cigarette smoking does.

“Although older adults tend to report a higher intake of fruit and vegetables than other age groups, over half of the U. S. older population does not meet the recommendation of five daily servings of fruit and vegetables”, they added.

They were also of the view that many researches conducted in the past have also shown that gardening is one of the ways to increase the vegetable and fruit intake of a person.

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