Carers delighted by company help

The Home from Hospital scheme, run by the Carers’ Resource charity, has won sponsorship

9:50am Saturday 24th March 2012 in News By Alistair Shand

A project that helps elderly people living alone to return home after a spell in Airedale Hospital has been safeguarded.

The Home from Hospital scheme, run by the Carers’ Resource charity, has won sponsorship from Skipton-based Comply Direct after a lack of funding had put the initiative at risk.

But the charity warns that without similar support from others, the long-term existence of the project may be unsure. The venture aims to make people’s transition back home following discharge from hospital as smooth as possible.

It helps with everything from benefits guidance and restarting home care to ensuring houses are safe and that gas, electric and water supplies are in working order.

And to welcome them home, patients receive a hamper of food basics and assistance from a volunteer with completing a simple safety checklist. Carers’ Resource head of development Anna Jackson said: “Going home from hospital can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect for some elderly people who live alone. This scheme means nobody will have to arrive home to a cold, dark empty house on their own – instead they will be made to feel confident and comfortable about being back home.

“We are grateful for Comply Direct’s financial support in giving the project a new lease of life. But we need others in the community to follow their lead if the scheme is to survive and flourish in the long-term.”

Gareth Roberts, managing director of Comply Direct, which helps companies meet their legal requirements under environmental legislation, said: “Comply Direct is a local company and we wanted to help a charity whose roots are also in this community and whose work makes a real difference to people’s lives.

“Our business has achieved enough growth over the past few years for us to now be able to give something back.”

Anyone interested in helping the scheme, with sponsorship or as a volunteer, should contact the Carers’ Resource on 01756 693666.


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  1. Liz Rankine says:

    Well done the Carer’s Resource charity, but it is a shame that something that should be part of the discharge package by the hospital/social services has to be done by a charity …

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