Carers really do Care!

Maybe I’m grasping at straws out of pure desperation here. I have no carer. Oh, I have friends and family, I am not alone in the world so to speak, though I do feel it. But I do not have anyone who is close to me that tries to understand and support and be there. The one friend I have who would if she could, can’t because she suffers PTSD as well. Going thru divorce, so have no spouse. So what am I getting at?

I read thru the thread that was for carers to express their love to their sufferers. Broke my heart into pieces. So many times I hear a carer say they want to hold thier sufferer but thier sufferer is isolating. I am so ass backwards. God I want someone to hold me and let me know I will be ok. Let me know I am not alone.

You carers who really do CARE are amazingly strong people. I wish your sufferers, and maybe they do, would know how fortunate they are to have you. Is it so wrong of me to wish I had a carer? To even feel jeoulos?

To be honest, today I am feeling suicidal and I suppose that is where this is coming from. So many times you all come to the aid of your sufferer and talk them back from the edge. What does one do who does not have that? Crisis line? Hell no….those are strangers and strangers mean danger. Grounding, safe place, container, on and on with techniques to get back some control. What if it isn’t working? What if you call your friends and they aren’t available. What if you are sitting home alone and trying to reach out but there is no one. I start a thread out of desperation to find some solid ground. So why in the carer section? So you realize how important you are and to ask you to never give up on your sufferer. They need you whether they know it or not. How many times have you all saved a life? I wonder if you even know.

I know my thanks mean nothing as I am a stranger, but I do thank you anyway. PH

3 Responses to Carers really do Care!

  1. Myrna says:

    That meant so much to me, your thanks do mean something,i am a fulltime carer
    you are a wonderful person and i want to thank YOU.

  2. Jan Barber-Maltby says:

    I am now a part-time carer (was full-time) to an elderly 81 year old mum. You are a truly inspirational person and I want to thank you. The word ‘thank you’ means such a lot, it makes our job or the more worthwhile.

  3. JaneJ says:

    Reading your post really touched me. I am a full time carer to my husband and though I know deep down he appreciates it your thanks means a lot. I just wish you had someone to be there for you and wish I could do something to help you too. You sound an amazing person who deserves a lot of help and support.

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