Carers anger over cut in funding for their carer websites.

Carers Groups grants cut in half

Chill4usCarers is an independent non profit voluntary organization with a constitution and committee

We are hearing all the time about funding cuts for this that and the other but for unpaid carers struggling 24/7 caring for their loved one their only connection to the outside world is a carers on line support group which they can access 24/7 and now the annual meagre funding to keep running has been halved.

One of the biggest challenges facing a Carer today is a sense of isolation and social exclusion. Our Carers forum is about information, humour, fantasy and fun, but most of all support and concern for one another.

Chill4usCarers is an independent non profit voluntary organization with a constitution and committee, set up in 2005. Before this we had an msn group for carers, so we have been running a carers group for ten years.
Our site is run for carers by carers and we all do so on a voluntary basis.

Chill4us is a campaigning and support forum for carers and ex-carers, run voluntary for carers by carers.
A place where many carers can off load there troubles and receive support from other carers who understand what it’s like to feel isolated and be among others who know where you are coming from, we care and we share, we laugh, we cry together through good times and the bad. There is no other place on the internet where a carer can get this type of support where they feel safe, now with the funding being severely cut the money has to be found from somewhere, but where that is the question.

A few comments by Chill4us members:

caring can be so isolating. demanding and exhausting, to be able to interact with others who know how hard things can get. can really save your sanity.

we who are members of Chill all share the same story that chill has given us friendship, council laughter advice,etc etc,

I have had a laugh,a cry,a moan.the members are so friendly,they feel like extended family and have kept my sanity.

It nice when you turn your laptop on and know there is somebody there for you.

I have found chill4us invaluable. They are a internet site which provides
all types of information on all aspects caring for family, friends and give
so much support to those who use the site.

Information can be found on types of benefit available through to support
when a loved one has passed away

Chill was the only one i could find for help and support. I know how
invaluable the site is

they want to do this because as carers them selves they know what a difference being able to communicate with others can make.


Our chat room is open 24 hours a day and is accessible through the forum.

We Care for Carers

Computers 4 Carers

Carers Need Your Old Laptops To Help Cope With Their Isolation

Caring for a loved one is often a lonely task because of the many hours spent caring, along with having little money or support.

Carers Allowance is the lowest benefit there is, and there are many carers who do not even realize they are a carer.

Most carers are unable to leave the house due to not being able to leave the person they care for on their own, which can obviously leave the carer feeling isolated. Because of this many carers feel depressed or have a lack of self worth.

We at Computers4Carers understand these issues, which is why our unpaid staff campaign to give the carer a window to the outside world – a free laptop.

The carer then can get shopping on line, do banking, access services and find support but most of all make friends.

Want to Help ?

The laptops must be in working order and at least with Windows XP.

All data is removed from the hardrives by a trusted company that only uses the latest and best software available, this ensures no one can access any personal information that may have been left on your computer

10 Responses to Carers anger over cut in funding for their carer websites.

  1. I am really impressed by the work of Chill 4 Us Carers. No wonder carers are angry at the cuts to their token funding to support this invaluable facility – this is an insult. On-line support – a bit of interaction with others who know and care – can be a lifeline (literally) for people isolated in the community struggling to cope with caring responsibilities and frequently isolation too.

    I have just posted a blogpost from an inspirational carer, as are so many people within this forum.

  2. Ada says:

    Chill needs its £300 yearly grant back.
    For goodness sake its only just over a fiver a week. Surely the council can afford that.
    The carers on there (and everywhere else) save taxpayers billions by not putting their carees into state care. Most were taxpayers before they gave up work to care anyway. All they get now is £55.00 per week Carers allowance for having to prove they ‘work’ 35 hours or more per week, and thats taken away when they get state pension but the caring still continues. A lot of the people on Chill are pensioners and it is their only means of communication with others and the outside world. That is why Wendy is trying to continue providing such a valuable and needed voluntary undertaking in seeking and supplying free computers for carers.Having a computer and being able to access the benefits of the internet is vital to many people, but more vital to housebound 24/7 carers who have not got the income to afford to buy a computer.
    Chill is not asking for payment to individuals, just a bit of help with the running costs of an essential lifeline to many. Wendy is paying for this site out of her own money and the volunteers are giving up their own time to help others and provide much needed and welcome friendship and support.
    The site is supported by politicians,MP’s and professionals who have agreed to participate in very succesful and appreciated hosted chats there over the years.
    Please support Chill to get its £300.00 yearly grant back.

  3. Liz Rankine says:

    Simply put… Chill4us is an amazing support group for Carers.

    I discovered this “Treasure” just as I started caring 24/7/365(6) for my late father who had been badly affected by a series of small strokes. I honestly do not know how long I could have managed to look after my dear Dad without the support from Chill4us and its members.

    It is all right the big carer charities and others like them saying the help is out there, you try getting it! What good is having told you can get breaks/grants etc. to help you with caring – it is all there on leaflets and posters, but when it comes to actually getting access to what they say you are entitled to…. it is like trying to find hen’s teeth !

    Chills members are a wonderful bunch of people – even with all the stresses of being a Carer themselves, they still find time to support others… a shoulder to cry on, somewhere to have a laugh n a joke, advice on everything from A to Z. Ideas on things to take your mind of caring for a little bit –whether they be during the day or at 2am in the morning. Somewhere to have a chat 24/7 in the chartroom –sometimes the worst hours (from my experience) for a Carer are at night and early in the am, invaluable when you can’t get out of the house for days, maybe weeks at a time –it keeps you “sane” for lack of a better word.

    Advice from experts who have learnt about their “speciality” by study does help, but I have found practical advice and support from those who have been there and done that made the years looking after my father easier than I know it would have been – it enabled me not to feel excluded from society, that here were people who really did understand what is like to be a Carer, and the problems that come after Caring duties end for whatever reason … and of course it also enables me to offer help n support to other Carers – payback as it were for all the support that has been given to me…

    £300, what a paltry sum to deny Chill or any other the other small local Carers Groups… how much more would it cost the “authorities” to provide care that the Carer is no longer unable to give due to the lack of support out there having taken its toll… shame on them…

  4. florence says:

    as a new member to chill i read about the funding
    cuts with dismay.The site is an absolute need for
    some, i was very fortunate to receive a laptop and
    cant express what a difference its made to my life. If anyone can help – please support the site
    to enable it to continue.

  5. kenm says:

    Chill has done more for carers in the 6 years it has been running than the big carer charities have done in 40 years. There are no paid staff, all funding goes to maintain the site, not to pay the inflated wages of staff, as happens in the big charities.

  6. kevin p says:

    I have just found the site and will be following with interest. We have been carers for some 30years and will continue for as many years as we can. Keep up the good work.

  7. blackdog2 says:

    Carers support groups are run voluntarily by Carers, people who already have a very demanding and restrictive workload but still are willing to help fellow Carers. They offer a brief window of social contact, information and many things that are part of normal daily life but sadly through the physical and mental demands of looking after a loved one are often denied to a Carer. The annual grant of £300, £25 per month is not a lot of money but is so vital in the possibilities it helps to open up. Without any prior warning this years application form arrived in the post with a covering note to inform that this year it will be reduced to £150. Big deal! Carers save the country a huge amount on its healthcare budget but this cheapskate economy that gives you no incentive to want to carry on. Come on Norfolk County Council, where are you coming from?

  8. blackdog2 says:

    Afterthought. The total sum for Norfolk Carers Grants was £30,000 and reduced to £15,000, this could easily be covered by all the big salary earners offering to take a very small cut in their monthly money, they would not miss it because their tax liability would greatly reduce meaning overall they would be no worse off! Now that would be a wonderful gesture!

  9. Maureen says:

    The annual Grant was £300 NOT £30,ooo and it’s reduced to £150 NOT £15,000, if only.

  10. blackdog2 says:

    Just to clarify the point I made about the Norfolk Carers Grants being £30,000 and reduced to £15,000. This quite correct as this is as stated the entire Norfolk budget, the figures of £300 to £150 that Maureen refers to are the individual sums per group.

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