A carer taking respite in the bluebell woods

I managed a half hour walk in the local bluebell wood today just to ‘chill’!
Been a while since I went there, the winter snow and silence has gone and the daffodills and daisys are in flower now.
The wood is so alive with its welcome to the promised Summer.
So many wild birds singing, rabbits running here and there,
the brook on its eventual way to the ocean with little insects stopping to rest on leaves floating somewhere .
Trees beaking out in blossom, and new leaves opening up to the wonder of the day.
Somewhere on a nearby farm a peacock meowed ,
The grazing horse in the nearby field came over to say hello.
Then I sat down on a stone and watched a few bumblebees slowly finding their way around after waking up in this warm spell.
A young man with a staffie  puppy came by, the little dog came over to say hello, and the young man apologised for the puppys exhuberance.
They went on their way and I  watched the love between man and pet, he stopped to let the puppy play in a big pile of fallen autumn leaves and get a bit dirty as there was a muddy bit of ground that the puppy rolled in.
Its good to be able to now and again get back to nature. Its so healing.
Written by a carer.

3 Responses to A carer taking respite in the bluebell woods

  1. Maureen says:

    A beautiful description of Spring 🙂

  2. ann(M) says:

    I could read this over and over again. the writer paints such a beautiful picture of peace

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