Action on Stroke Month

This month saw the launch of the UK’s first Action on Stroke Month, an annual event organised by the Stroke Association and supported by the Wellcome Trust


The two different types of stroke –

Earlier this month, the Stroke Association launched the U.K.’s first Action on Stroke Month, an annual campaign that aims “to increase awareness of the impact of stroke and reach out to many more stroke survivors, their families and carers.”

The campaign is supported by the Wellcome Trust, which has put together a package of materials that are being published throughout the month. It includes films, personal stories from stroke survivors and their relatives, four large infographics, and a series of feature articles, including one by myself about how stroke affects the brain.

All of the materials in the Trust’s Focus on Stroke can be found here.


Stroke: Everything you need to know

Stroke is a major cause of death and disability in the UK and across the world. What is stroke, how many people does it kill and how are mortality rates changing?

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