39 disabled people’s charities fight for DLA

Charities debunk government disability cut reasoning
The government’s reasons for removing disability living allowance (DLA) from those in residential care have been debunked in a report signed by 39 disabled people’s charities.

The whole thing sets out very clearly why the government, according to these charities, is wrong.

It takes eight of the government’s justifications in turn and puts a fairly comprehensive argument against them. I would try to summarise it but it’s pretty technical and I wouldn’t do it justice.

The issues it addresses are:

1. The responsibility for mobility / transport costs should be met by the care
home provider.
2. DLA mobility is being misused and needs reforming.
3. DLA mobility is being used to purchase wheelchairs when this cost should be
met by the NHS Wheelchair Service.
4. The change will align the rules for people living in residential care with people
in hospital.
5. There is an overlap in transport provision for disabled people. Schemes such
as dial-a-ride provide for the transport needs of individuals with a disability.
6. Local authorities should be assessing and meeting personal mobility needs.
7. Local authorities’ contracts with care homes should cover personal mobility
8. People in NHS funded residential care do not receive DLA mobility.


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