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Protests: Carers and disabled affected by Benefit change

16 March 2013 Last updated at 18:32

Housing benefit change protests held

Protesters in Manchester Protests have taken place across the country, including Manchester.

Thousands have been demonstrating in a series of cities against government plans to cut housing benefit for those considered to have too much space.

Protests against the plan – labelled the “bedroom tax” by Labour – have been held in 52 towns and cities, including Manchester and London.

Organisers said between 12,000 and 13,000 people turned out.

The government’s welfare changes are due to come in in April and are expected to affect 660,000 people.

Those deemed to have a spare room in their council or housing association home will have their housing benefit claims reduced by £40-£80.

The protests’ national organiser, Éoin Clarke, said: “This is a cruel policy that primarily hits single parents, and the adult disabled.

“Even children deemed disabled but not ‘severely’ so, are affected. Carers, the terminally-ill, battered wives and husbands are all affected.

Croydon Council to host carers day

Being a carer is a very busy and demanding job, which can offer little respite.

12:00pm Saturday 26th January 2013 in News

An information day where carers can find out about the help and support available to them will take place next month.

Those looking after someone with an illness or disability will have the opportunity to discuss their caring situation with more than 50 organisations that offer services to carers in Croydon.

Advice and information will be available on issues including benefits and financial advice, transport, leisure activities and holidays.

Disabled people 'could be forgotten' amid social care reform

A third of people getting social care are younger people with disabilities

By Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News

Adults with disabilities in England are being deprived of basic care and support and are at risk of being forgotten in the wider reform of the social care system, campaigners say.

Much of the focus on care has been centred around the crisis facing the elderly.

But a coalition of charities has warned people with disabilities under the age of 65 are being neglected too.

They said the squeeze on council care meant many were already missing out.

And the groups, including Mencap, Scope, the National Autistic Society, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Sense, warned the situation could deteriorate under the forthcoming reform of the system.

Ministers are soon expected to announce a cap will be placed on the costs people face for care.