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Change in law could bring new benefits to carers

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: May 30, 2015
DON’T MISS OUT: Young carers are entitled to financial support.

CARERS are being urged not to miss out on the financial support they deserve following a change in the law.

He said: “If you look after someone who is ill or disabled or you need extra support yourself, thinking about the things you might be legally entitled to isn’t always your top priority.”

Relatives of dementia sufferers who die in care homes having to wait months

New rules say state inquests into the deaths must take place prior to a funeral

Relatives of dementia sufferers who pass away in care homes are being forced to wait months to bury loved ones because of new rules.

Families are being caught up by regulations that require state inquests into the deaths of many Alzheimer’s sufferers before funerals can take place – even when there is little mystery over the cause of death.

Our life under the shadow of Alzheimer’s

 As Dementia Awareness Week ends, 33-year-old MATT KELLY tells how his family coped when his mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia at just 54.

My parents, Gillian and Martin Kelly, met at a pub called The Bell, in Northfield, Birmingham.

Martin was fresh home from his travels across Europe and was out with mutual friends; it was the perfect blend of love at first sight and right place, right time.