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Coalition considers Joan Bakewell’s plan for elderly ‘tsar’

A new government “tsar” for elderly people could be appointed to protect the rights of pensioners and combat ageism in society, under plans being considered by ministers.

By , Political Correspondent

8:28PM GMT 30 Nov 2011

Wales and Northern Ireland have already appointed commissioners for the elderly while all countries in the UK have children’s commissioners to promote the rights of young people.

The health minister Earl Howe announced that the Coalition was considering whether a commissioner dedicated to protecting older people should be appointed in England.

The proposal follows a series of highly critical reports warning that elderly people are being neglected and treated poorly by the NHS and home carers, while councils are cutting funds for nursing homes.

Not just at Christmas are Carers like Cinderella!

November 30, 2011  |  Blog

We all know the story of Cinderella the down trodden girl that has to do everything for her sisters and wicked step mum. Right now thinking about everyday life do you know who does this on a regular basis. Let me tell you its CARERS .

Doctors will have to draw up individual ‘death plans’

Doctors and carers told the dying ‘must be given religious support’ in new NHS guidelines

By Jenny Hope

Last updated at 10:52 AM on 30th November 2011

Duty and prayer: Doctors will have to make sure patients can access religious care at any time of day or night

Doctors and care workers have been told to ensure dying patients are given religious support and care at any time of day or night.