Computers in the cow shed!

Is this the most unusual Spring Online Event ever?

We’ve heard of Spring Online events being held in libraries, community centres, cafes and even pubs – but never in a cowshed before.

But on April 23, Brenda’s Cowshed in Perrymoor near Lancaster will open its doors for the The No. 1 Ladies Spring Online Event.

There will be tea, cake and the chance to learn more about digital photography and sharing photos, using Skype and email to keep in touch with the family, plus ipad tricks and treats during the afternoon.

But no cows – they’ve been banished from the shed, which is now used for get-togethers, barbecues and WI meetings. Organiser Chris Conder says: “In a rural area like this, the internet can make a crucial difference to people’s lives. It’s a lifeline for many older people living on remote farms who are often very isolated. Once people get the hang of it, they can’t believe how much it can bring to their lives. They can talk to the children, watch the local Sunday Service from their own home and do their shopping by internet.”

“We like to make our sessions friendly and informal – gently showing people what they can do and encouraging them to have fun.”

Of course, if you want to get onto the internet, you need broadband and Chris and her community are hard at work to provide a community fibre network to homes in the area.

Chris says: “This is a scarcely populated, deeply rural part of Lancashire where is no hope for many of us to get ‘superfast’ broadband. So we are doing it ourselves, using the skills, time, energy and ingenuity of local residents and businesses. It’s a community wide initiative – farmers are digging in the fibre network and everyone in the community has a part to play, from putting up posters to driving a digger.”

You can see more information about the project here.

And if you think you can beat Chris and her friends to find a more unusual location for your Spring Online event, do let us know! We have some fantastic offers for everyone registering their event by April 2.


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2 Responses to Computers in the cow shed!

  1. sarah Haysom says:

    Hi there

    I just wondered if you could tell me more about the cow shed and what goes on in it. Just wanted to share good practice about things being hosted in a shed type setting, I am working with carers and residents and a gp surgery have suggested having a shed type building on site for residents. I hope you can help?
    Many thanks

  2. wendy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    This article was written in 2012 and the links seem to been taken down.
    I hope someone will be able to help you.
    best wishes

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